Pietro Kuciukian

President of the International Committee for the Righteous of Armenians and Co-Founder of The Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide Committee.

Pietro Kuciukian born in Arco, Trento in Italy in 1940, is the son of a survivor of the Armenian Genocide.

He learned Armenian while studying at the Mekhitarist College in Venice and currently lives and works in Milan.

After the 1988 earthquake in Armenia, he went to the ravaged areas to help the people build a medical unit and two schoolsand to generally help affected population. Furthermore he is committed to the cultural safeguard of the Armenian people, thanks to the “Memory is the Future” Committee which he founded and to the Genocide Museum of Yerevan with which he collaborates.

With Gabriele Nissim he founded the Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide Committee. Appointed the Honorary Consul of the Armenian Republic to Italy in 2007, he contributes to the Sunday edition of the Sole 24 Ore. Among his publications are: Le terre di Nairi, viaggio in Armenia, 1994; Viaggio tra i cristiani d’oriente, 1997; Dispersi, viaggio fra le comunita armene nel mondo, 1998; Voci nel deserto. Giusti e testimoni per gli armeni, 2000; Il Giardino di tenebra. Viaggio nel Nagorno Karabagh, 2003; La terza Armenia. Viaggio nel Caucaso post-sovietico, 2007.

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